It’s been a while since I’ve posted. My life has been flat-chat with finishing up my degree, working 5 days a week and parenting.

I’ve finally finished my degree, however, I’m still suck working a dead end job. I probably shouldn’t complain because there are some people who have lost their jobs because of corona virus. But, even they are making more money than me since the Australian government is providing support payments like money’s going outta fashion. Which, might I add, it is. My sister got kicked out of a store the other day for attempting to pay cash for a purchase. God forbid the teller handles some cash, with all the other crap they’re touching. If they are that concerned, they should wear gloves. Time to start hording gold bars and growing an orchard.

Edamame! Now who loves soy beans? I’m addicted to them at the moment. I know what you’re thinking.. “I’ve been told that soy is bad”. Soy gets a serious bad rap. But honestly some of the healthiest diets in the world contain daily soy intake. Caucasian diets, typically void of soy products are more commonly associated with health problems, whereas Asian diets, often rich in soy, are typical considered healthier. I personally have found since I switched to a plant based diet I feel healthier, physically, mentally and emotionally. This includes eating a yummy bowl of GMO free edamame from time to time. Now, I feel it’s important to include that I have a thyroid condition and have not found soy to have an effect on my thyroid. However, some people with autoimmune conditions do swear off soy. It’s up to the individual.

Nevertheless, Lets look at some of the benefits if edamame:

  • High in protein
  • May help lower cholesterol
  • Contains folate which can help with depression
  • Rich in healthy fiber
  • Antioxidants and vitamin K
  • Naturally gluten-free and low in calories

And many more benefits. Consider edamame as a part of healthy plant based diet. And they’re super fun to eat.

– Kat


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