2016?! Whaaa!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Wow didn’t 2015 just fly by??  I hope you have lots of success with any resolutions you’ve set for yourself.  Some people really don’t Do resolutions, “Why wait till a new year, why not just start now?” they say.  Well.. I have to admit I like having a starting line, the excitement and fresh prospects of a new year.  So like at the beginning of every year I have set myself resolutions and I am officially declaring this the year of not-giving-a-dam aka: the year of the positive outlook.  A lot of people I know have had a difficult 2015 so believing yours will be awesome and a not-give-a-dam year too.

but some other things I’ve set for myself include:

  • Try at least 3 new GF veg recipes every week (don’t worry I will be posting these, disastrous or not)
  • Find a new job
  • To remain positive
  • Practice mindfulness everyday and wake up early

Now, I know mindfulness is the buzz word at the moment and it seems to have lost a bit of its potency because everyone says they are doing it, but if not practiced properly it doesn’t have the same effects.  kinda like everyone is a yoga guru but only those who are committed to developing the art receive the proper benefits.  I’m determined to make it part of my regular routine, because it really does work.  perfect time is 20 mins in the morning (uninterrupted) and 20 mins at night.

Raise your glasses (green smoothies, champagne, latte, or water) to a fantastic 2016!! 






2 thoughts on “2016?! Whaaa!

  1. Katri, I am so delighted to see someone having same approach towards 2016 as me. 2015 was a pretty hard for many across the globe, hope 2016 has better things to offer. 🙂
    Happy New Year!


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